Relaxation key to better performances

Great article in the NY Times on relaxation and athletic performance.

In a sense, relaxation goes against most athletes’ instincts. Mr. Hart likes to point out the way elementary and middle school children run. “The kids throw their heads back,” Mr. Hart said. “They think that the harder they go, the faster they run.” That sort of body tension is the first thing Mr. Hart tries to correct. “The quickest way to improve a kid is to teach him to relax,” Mr. Hart said.

But it’s also important for athletes to realize that relaxing does not mean slowing down. “A lot of athletes don’t know the difference between relaxing and not running,” Mr. Hart said. With runners, he said, the upper body must relax but, he added, “the lower body is going to run.”


One thought on “Relaxation key to better performances

  1. I run these days, but from the time I was seven years old until I finished college, I was a competitive swimmer. Just like in running, in swimming, relaxation is key. When I watch inexperienced swimmers (or those who cannot swim), they try to ‘fight’ the water and, of course, lose. I don’t have the eye to see technique in running, but I’m sure if I did, I would see the same ‘fight’.