Review: Go Motion Trail Runner Light Vest

Go Motion Trail Lite VestI was recently sent a Trail Lite Vest to review by GoMotion, Inc. Go Motion, a new company, designs lighting systems for runners who train and compete in the dark. This is a great thing for those who live in northern climates with little training light from October to March. For those who run in the dark the normal alternative is a headlamp which works alright but you find your self running with the head down and dealing with the head bob.

My first impression of the pack was it was light and fit me well but I found it odd to have such a small storage capacity for a “trail run” vest, not something to be used when venturing into the back country for a night ops mission. This pack is more for short blasts, I think the maximum water bladder size you could carry would be 1 litre (they state 1.5 litre on the website). The lighting was decent, illuminating the path ahead and letting the cars know I was coming. The thing I like about the pack is the fact it remains on the trail even if you look away. The safety light on the back is a nice feature also warning the cyclists that their is a runner ahead of them. I think this pack with a headlamp would be a great combo especially for those competing in ultra runs that run into the night or even 24hr mountain bike races. One thing I found some issues with was the method of light attachment. I think it would have been more useful if it was not attached via “rails” so users could potentially remove and attach it to other packs.

Features of the pack include:

Some common features of the GoMotion packs include:

  • 3-Level Beam Intensity
  • Flood to Spotlight Beam Control
  • Adjustable Beam Angle
  • Two Flashing Rear LED Taillights
  • 3 AA Energizer batteries Included
  • Accepts GoMotionTM Re-chargeable Battery Pack
  • Low Battery Signal
  • Breathable cool-mesh padding
  • Reflective trim

Worth checking out who for those who have get the miles regardless of light conditions.

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