Yaktrax Pro Keep You On the Trail in Harsh Conditions.

Well the snow has been flying up here in the Great White North so I was very happy to see my Yaktrax arrive in the mail. I know my mother has been using these for a couple years in Saskatchewan and raved about how excellent they are, but I never really had a need for them until this years rare heavy snowfall in Vancouver.

Yaktrax are traction devices that slip easily onto your footwear to reduce the odds of slipping while running on snow and ice. Yaktrax consist of coils to create hundreds of biting edges to grip snow and ice. I used these in very icy conditions in the Alberta Rockies as well as on snow here in British Columbia and I found them to work flawlessly. Make sure you get the right size so you have a snug fit and try not to wear them on exposed asphalt areas they will wear quickly. All and all a very good product and highly recommended to those running in slippery conditions.

One thought on “Yaktrax Pro Keep You On the Trail in Harsh Conditions.

  1. I just got a pair of these myself, and should have used them on my trail run last week. We hit a patch of about 2 miles that was snow pack and ice, and this would have been a good time to use them!!